Pure Maths Colloquium: Katherine Staden

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Where: Lecture Theatre D
When: Oct 4 2018 @ 16.00
Video: Not recorded
Speaker: Katherine Staden University of Oxford
Title: Erdős–Rothschild problems in graphs, groups and the integers

I will discuss Erdős–Rothschild type problems in discrete structures, in which we seek to maximise the number of non-Ramsey colourings. That is, the number of colourings of a discrete structure such that every colour class does not contain some forbidden substructure. For example, maximise the number of \(r\)-colourings without monochromatic

  • \(k\)-cliques among all \(n\)-vertex graphs;
  • Schur triples among all subsets of a given abelian group;
  • Schur triples among all subsets of \(\{ 1,\ldots,n\}\).

I will give an overview of the area, the number- and graph-theoretic tools which go into the proofs, and discuss some joint work with Oleg Pikhurko and Zelealem Yilma, and with Hong Liu and Maryam Sharifzadeh.