Pure Maths Colloquium: Tuomas Sahlsten

This talk is part of the Pure Maths Colloquium at the University of St Andrews. Check out our upcoming talks at https://theran.lt/pure-colloquium/.

Where: Lecture Theatre C
When: Oct 3 2019 @ 16.00
Video: Not recorded
Speaker: Tuomas Sahlsten University of Manchester
Title: Random doughnuts

Over the past decades various advancements have appeared in the multiscale analysis of random graphs (clusters, loops, patterns, …) probably due to their prevalence on big data. Motivated by random billiards, parallel to these results on random graphs many ‘dynamicists’/geometers established analogous results for random surfaces. In this talk we will present basics of this field and history, and present an overview of our work on the spectral theory of random surfaces.

Joint work with Joe Thomas (Manchester), Etienne Le Masson (Cergy, Paris), Clifford Gilmore (Cork), Mostafa Sabri (Cairo)