Pure Maths Colloquium: Kaie Kubjas

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Where: Zoom 889 0436 9379
When: Feb 18 2021 @ 16.00
Video: Link (internal)
Speaker: Kaie Kubjas Aalto University
Title: Geometry of nonnegative rank

One of many definitions gives the rank of an \(m\times n\) matrix \(M\) as the smallest natural number such that M can be factorized as \(AB\), where \(A\) and \(B\) are \(m\times r\) and \(r\times n\) matrices respectively. In many applications, one is interested in factorizations of a particular form. For example, factorizations with nonnegative entries define the nonnegative rank which is a notion that is used in data mining applications, statistics, complexity theory etc. Nonnegative rank has geometric characterizations using nested polytopes. I will give an overview how these nested polytopes are related to characterizations of the set of matrices of given nonnegative rank and uniqueness of nonnegative matrix factorizations.