Pure Maths Colloquium: Paulo Varandas

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Where: Purdie Theatre C
When: Mar 31 2022 @ 16.00
Video: Not recorded
Speaker: Paulo Varandas Universidade do Porto
Title: A convex analysis approach to variational principles, entropy functions and equilibrium states

Throughout the years there have been introduced several notions of entropy to express the topological complexity of a certain dynamical system, group action or even an invariant foliation. A general goal in ergodic theory is to obtain variational principles that relate such topological entropies with the entropy of (invariant) probability measures and, if possible, to construct probability measures which attain the maximum. In this talk I will talk about the recent use of convex analysis to establish general variational principles for pressure functions and to construct some generalized equilibrium states (joint work with A. Bis, M. Carvalho and M. Mendes)