Research projects

I’m interested in problems that blend discrete geometry, algorithms, and combinatorics, usually with a concrete motivation. Some of my past projects include:

  • The combinatorial rigidity of infinite and symmetric bar-joint frameworks
  • Matrix completion and other machine learning problems from a combinatorial / algebraic viewpoint
  • Bar-joint framework models for analyzing elastic materials

Some recent projects are:

  • Unlabeled distance geometry (aka, “hearing the shape of a (high dimensional) room”)
  • Hidden symmetries in the deformation spaces of polyhedral surfaces (aka, “why generic origami folds”)
  • Structure and applications of algebraic matroids

Academic positions

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics, University of St Andrews
Aalto Science Fellow. (Cofunded by AKA project COALESCE, PI Petteri Kaski)
Post-doc in the Discrete Geometry Group at Freie Universität Berlin. (Supported by the ERC Advance Grant Project SDModels of Günter Ziegler)
Research Assistant Professor (postdoctoral position) in the Geometry-Topology Group at Temple University. (Supported by NSF DMR-CDI grant 0835586 to Igor Rivin.)
Graduate student in the Computer Science Department at the University of Massachusetts, supervised by Ileana Streinu.